Teamuniformorders got its start in 2008 in the large, complex and chaotic world of Club soccer. From day one the differentiating quality of the TUO solution has been its advanced, “Roster-based” technology engine that enables full automation of the entire ordering process. This makes the TUO platform IDEAL for larger, more challenging clubs, leagues, teams and groups—and for everyone involved in the ordering process.

The result–virtually the ENTIRE ordering process can be fully automated and managed from end-to-end, eliminating the needless chaos too often associated with uniform and apparel ordering.



Before selecting an E-Commerce partner, get to know the differences of the partner you choose:

Vast Experience
In 2015 an entirely new management team officially took over. The new team brought over 50 years of combined  experience in pioneering disruptive technologies, having been involved in a wide array of industries, from start-ups to Fortune 100. It is this experience that makes all the difference.

Privately Held
TUO has no outside investors. That is by design. So you work directly with the key decision-makers and owners of the company. No outside investors clamoring to raise prices in order to get a return on their investment.

Advanced, Roster-based Technology
The DNA of the TUO E-Commerce solution emanates from its roots–automating the ordering process for large clubs, leagues and groups. As such, the TUO technology is engineered from the ground up to handle the most complex ordering requirements.

Industry-setting Features
Since becoming involved in late 2014, the new TUO Team has launched over 4,000 new features. That’s a lot of innovation packaged into a few years. Included within this list are numerous industry-setting new features. And continued, rapid deployment of client-driven requirements and new features is what TUO does best!


An abbreviated list of just a few of the Exclusive, Advanced Features:

No Start-up Fee: therefore no risk to give it a try.

Dynamic, Customizable Store Designs: create gorgeous, customized stores for your groups, club, leagues or teams.

Advanced Roster Management: automates the entirety of the ordering process.

Robust Data Management and Reporting: get the custom order data and reports you need to run your entire operation. This includes “dealer-wide” Reports across all stores.

Facebook Integration: enable your online stores to “go viral” and sell MUCH more.

Custom Integration Solutions: you can even ship directly (via UPS and Shipstation) from within your TUO account.

Use Your Own Merchant Account: you collect YOUR money directly into your bank with your own Merchant account.


TUO has grown to become the most advanced E-Commerce technology for large organizations of all shapes and kinds. Expand your business with TUO!

Key Benefits of TUO’S Online Ordering Platform

Increase Revenue

By offering more choices and re-marketing back to your customers, you can expect to significantly increase your sales and make more money per team.

Streamline Your Workflow

Greatly reduce or even eliminate inefficient workflow processes and wasteful (and very expensive) administrative tasks.

Collect Your Money Upfront

Who can really afford to float money? Stop playing the role of banker for your customers. And STOP chasing after checks from stragglers. Get all of your money upfront before you apply all of your costs.

Scale Your Sales Online

It is estimated that at least 50% of group / team ordering will be done online in the next 2 – 3 years. Online Ordering is here to stay and will help you scale and differentiate your business, now and in the future.

Easy-To-Use Technology

Offer your customers the most advanced ordering experience they are now demanding (without the associated costs and technical headaches). Simplify the entire process for everyone involved. Your customers will thank you for doing so.

Gain Strategic Insights

Use the vast data centrally-stored from EVERY order to see trends and derive greater insights into your business. Access a wealth of data in your own Database and use it to validate actual sales, review your business and negotiate with more accuracy with your key vendor partners.

Better manage large group orders and ease the burden with TUO’s vertical online E-Commerce solution!