TeamUniformOrders.com is dedicated to making your uniform ordering process as painless as possible.

The pain you feel now is caused by

  • Paper Order Forms
  • Unruly Spreadsheets
  • Inaccurate Totals
  • Late Orders

Check out our guided feature tour videos below to get a better sense of our system. If you do team sales or work with uniforms, we'd love to speak to you to understand your business better.

TUO is designed continually by athletes, club managers, and sports retailers for the specific purpose of improving the uniform ordering process.

We've kept our system simple, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@teamuniformorders.com. Please include your Club and Team names in your emails.

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Tina K.

I love how I was able to personalize my daughter's warmup through the website

Gary M.

Normally I have to use a spreadsheet to create my order, I hate spreadsheets, this system eliminates all that work I had to do

Scott T.

We saw a 30% increase in order total when we started to make more products available to customers

Lisa D.

It eliminated 80% of my work managing uniforms for my soccer club. TUO is a lifesaver!

Shawna B.

The shopping cart is so cool!

Bill M.

The reports help us save significant time and money when fulfilling orders - All of my order information is at my fingertips at all times - that's awesome!